Little ‘Bigfoot’ Photographed in Alaska? Some say Leprechaun

A man who says he enjoys exploring the woods and looking for Bigfoot around the Blue Mountains of the Pacific Northwest claimed on Sunday to have found evidence of a “juvenile Bigfoot”. But, he clarifies, it was not on one of his videos that he spotted the mysterious creature.

“I was watching a friend’s channel on bottle digging in Alaska, by Daniel Camacho, and spotted a juvenile Bigfoot watching him and his buddy dig bottles,” said Dave, founder of Paranormal and Sasquatch Research. He believes this alleged creature is “the perfect example” as to cloaking is done.

Cloaking is a form of camouflage many Bigfoot researchers make use of in order to explain the lack of strong evidence needed to demonstrate the existence of the hairy biped. Some supporters of these theory also believe that, just like the alien from the movie Predator, Bigfoot can become translucent. Such is the example of the “Dwarf Bigfoot” video taken in 2014.

And, even though Dave believes the face on the mysterious image could be a Bigfoot, he also has a different theory.

“Daniel Camacho does bottle digging and relic hunting,” says Dave. “I was thinking about the bottles I have found by the lake that are partially filled with water… and I thought about the water spirits that are contained inside of the bottle. When it gets discarded on the ground. I’m constantly picking the bottles and dumping out the contents… and releasing the spirits that are in the bottles. And I wonder if the tree spirits, the sentient beings are not being buried properly and eventually get buried in the ground,” he says in his 11-minute-long video adding that it could be what many paranormal researchers refer to as Jinn.

This "juvenile Bigfoot" stares at Camacho's camera from the safety of a tree. Credit: Dave/Camacho/YouTube

This “juvenile Bigfoot” stares at Camacho’s camera from the safety of a tree. Credit: Dave/Camacho/YouTube

Some YouTube users immediately went on to comment on the bizarre finding, adding that they had seen similar creatures before. Dave then admits he has seen smaller creatures than this one.


But could this odd-shaped face be more than a wood carving or a typical case of pareidolia?

Another YouTube user says that it could be the case, and that what we are looking at looks more like a leprechaun. Dave partially  agrees.


Dave joined YouTube in 2014 and has about 730 subscribers. He posts daily videos of his findings as he continues looking for Bigfoot.

“This is hot Bigfoot country,” he says. “Bigfoot exists,” says the title of his most popular video.