UFO Captured In Amazingly High Detail In Colorado

Images have emerged of a sighting of incredibly unusual objects in the taken over the skies of the fairly small town of Superior in Colorado which borders the Rocky Mountains.

Uncloaked UFO images captured close to the Rocky Mountains

On 25th of September of this year, a woman and her husband were shocked when they caught sight of no less than five strange metallic orbs travelling slowly through the sky above them. One of the witnesses said that the metallic orbs were travelling at about the same height as the average aircraft which he estimated to be approximately 30,000 feet in the sky. They noted that the orbs were not travelling in a tight formation, which might suggest a militaristic purpose in their voyage. Instead, they seemed to be trailing fairly listlessly through the air and were frequently separating from one another. The couple claims that after around eight minutes they lost sight of three of the metallic orbs but that two of the vessels remained within their line of vision for a further seven minutes after that.

The Rocky Mountains are considered a hot spot for UFO and alien activity and multiple sightings of unusual phenomenon in the skies are reported to UFO researchers and official bodies of law enforcement every year. Earlier this year, there was another deeply unusual incident captured on camera by police officers in the area.

Typically, people who claim to have seen UFOs in the area immediately surrounding the Rocky Mountains describe the objects as vast balls of white light. These pictures are therefore fairly unusual as they appear to depict solid, metallic vessels. However, upon observing the images captured by the witnesses, it is possible to see a kind of white aura encircling the metallic shell. This implies that the white light frequently seen around UFOs in this area may be some form of cloaking device. This would mean that these images depict a rare glimpse at one of the Rocky Mountain UFOs in its uncloaked state.

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