Massachusetts Man Encounters Tiny Humanoid: It Was Tinkering with my Clock

Medford, Mass. — A Massachusetts man claims he had an encounter of the fifth kind.

alien sighting ufo humanoid

The man, whose name wasn’t revealed, said he was already in bed when he heard his dog crying.

“The dog was hiding under my bed,” he told the Mutual UFO Network. “I got out of bed to look but my dog stayed there, not moving, which is not normal for him.”

The Medford resident says he went downstairs to investigate when he encountered the “little purple, greyish being” tinkering with his kitchen clock. He described the alleged creature as 3 feet tall and “kind of human like”.

“He was standing on my kitchen counter top touching the clock on my wall.”

The reported “alien”, he explains, looked like it was putting the clock back on the wall. Then, he continued, the little creature grabbed him by the hand.

“It walked me to my cellar down the stairs. It didn’t say a word. I remember everything went black and forgot everything after.”

The man says that when he told his family they didn’t believe the story.

“They say I was dreaming,” he said.

But, he adds, his mother and her friend had previously claimed to have seen “some kind of craft” in the backyard years ago.

Back in March, a man in Los Angeles released a photograph he says contains a UFO with a few “occupants” inside.

In 1966 more than two hundred people reportedly watched an object land next to a school in Melbourne, Victoria, in what some have dubbed as one of the biggest UFO mysteries.

Developed by United States astronomer Dr. Josef Allen Hynek, the scale of UFO classification defines encounters of the fifth kind as those involving direct communication between aliens and humans.

The city of Medford, located about 3 miles northwest of Boston, has a population of 57,000.

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