Watch: Real or Hoax? The Provo Canyon Bigfoot Footage

In 2012, a man in the area of Provo Canyon, Utah recorded footage of an unidentified humanoid.

The man, who appeared to be hiking with another person, said the animal stood on two legs and threw a rock at them prior to running into the wilderness.

The short video shows the two hikers legs and a dark hairy figure hiding behind a small dry bush on the side of an arid hill. As the man points the camera at the purported creature, it throws something in their direction, prompting both parties to run away.

There have been numerous reports of Bigfoot sightings in the Provo Canyon zone throughout the years.

As part of our “Real or Hoax” series, we are asking for your opinion on this 5-year-old video. Is the creature in the video real or a hoax?