‘Bigfoot’ Seen in Pennsylvania: ‘Its Growl Felt like a Frequency in my Chest’

PERRYOPOLIS, Pa. — A man in Fayette County says he spotted an ape-like creature.

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The Pennsylvania resident, who asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News he was walking in the woods in the town of Perryopolis when he came upon the creature.

“It was about 7 in the morning. I found a grove of pawpaw trees. Then walked up on to some deer when I realized there were several animals making heavy grunts,” he said about the August 18, 2016 encounter.

The eyewitness claims one of the animals “started to growl” at him.

“It caused my chest to vibrate and the vibration went up and down like if it was tuning a frequency or something.”

He said he was only able to see one of the hairy beings, and half of its body was in a “slight ditch”.

“I staggered out, bouncing off several trees, making a huge commotion and got out of there,” he added.

He described the animal as big and ape-like and unable to hide entirely behind the trees.

“The trees were just not big enough,” he said.

Three months ago, two men in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania reported seeing a similar bipedal creature.

A month earlier, another Pennsylvania man claimed to have spotted the cryptid.